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Harsha Hospital is a hospital that understands and meets all the health needs of a woman and fosters the understanding of how advanced healthcare can improve the lives of women and their families. We at Harsha Hospital aim to provide total Gyneac under one roof. From adolescence to menopause with the most advanced technology at an affordable cost. We remain focused on how to achieve maximum patient satisfaction and to become the first choice for every woman. An institute par excellence, to be trusted by all patients and visitors.


Our Head

Dr. M. Neetha

Dr. M. Neetha owns and manages Harsha Hospital in the capacity of Proprietor. She is a full-time Gynaecologist and takes care of the day-to-day operations of the hospital.


We at Harsha Hospital aim to provide total Gyneac under one roof.


The care of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby throughout a pregnancy. Such care involves regular visits to a doctor, who performs abdominal examinations, blood and urine tests.


Harsha Hospital has recently started this department. We initially started Assisted Conception of Intra-Utirine-Insemination (IUI) as a beginning in this segment.


Harsha Hospital always endeavours to keep inline with changing techniques, treatments and technologies happening in the medical field.

Services Gynaecology

Harsha Hospital always endeavours to keep inline with changing techniques, treatments and technologies happening in the medical field.


Harsha Hospital always endeavours to keep inline with changing techniques, treatments and technologies happening in the medical field.

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Many people struggle with infertility, but not every individual finds the appropriate remedy. Both men and women can experience infertility. It alludes to a person's incapacity to contribute biologically to pregnancy. This is also a state in which a lady is unable to bear children until the period is fulfilled. Infertility occurs when either a man or a female is unable to conceive due to a problem with either partner's reproductive system. When it comes to infertility, there are two types: primary and secondary. When a person is unable to conceive at all, this is referred to as primary infertility. When a person has already conceived but is currently unable to do so, this is referred to as secondary infertility. However, planning intercourse may be insufficient to help a couple conceive on their own. The underlying cause of infertility will influence treatment options. This can include erectile dysfunction medications for males. A varicose vein in the scrotum may be removed during surgery, as may a blocked epididymis. In females, physicians may prescribe fertility treatments to suppress or promote ovulation. Know the reasons It is critical to understand what triggers infertility in order to select the best therapy or strategy. Infertility in women can be caused by a variety of anatomical issues, such as a blockage in the Fallopian tubes or a deformity in the cervical canal. It can also be caused by fibroid or polyps. A hormonal imbalance, which can cause ovulation issues, is among the most prevalent causes of infertility. The causes of infertility in males might be numerous. This might be caused by hormonal, anatomical, lifestyle, or even psychosocial factors. Even when the most advanced research tools are used, it is difficult to pinpoint the true reason for infertility in roughly 20% of instances. You should also learn about their knowledge with egg freezing and other sophisticated reproductive treatments. By considering all of these aspects, you can guarantee that you choose a fertility expert who will give the best treatment for your specific circumstances. When it comes to the treatment of infertility, IVF is one of the most commonly known procedures and is a sophisticated set of techniques aimed at assisting with fertility, avoiding genetic disorders, and aid in child conception. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a type of assisted reproduction therapy that has been employed to help couples conceive for decades. It is an essential choice for many couples who are having reproductive problems. Before pursuing IVF therapy, it is critical to understand the procedure as well as the possible dangers and advantages. Before beginning IVF therapy, couples should visit with a fertility doctor. IVF is frequently used to treat: Women with endometriosis Women who have damaged fallopian tubes Male infertility induced by low sperm count or blockage Older women with fertility issues PCOS Other ovarian conditions Unexplained infertility Uterus problems Genetic disorders Uterine fibroids How to choose the best IVF specialists in Hyderabad Choosing the appropriate fertility doctor in Hyderabad is critical for couples who want to establish a family. It is critical to choose a specialist that has the experience and understanding to give the best treatment plan for your specific requirements. When choosing a fertility doctor, take into account their credentials, experience, and success record with IVF procedures. You should also inquire about the kind of testing performed prior to IVF therapy, such as blood tests and male fertility tests. Harsha Hospitals has been providing faith to countless individuals battling from infertility for many years. Harsha Hospitals developed one of Hyderabad's leading fertility clinics. Harsha Hospitals, with thousands of IVF pregnancies, is a source of optimism for many couples who wish to start a family. Harsha Hospitals' world-class facility solely employs cutting-edge technology for reproductive health care diagnostics and treatment. Harsha Hospitals has the best infertility specialists in Hyderabad and a team of highly qualified gynecologists, nurses, counselors, embryologists, and diagnostic technologists. They address all situations with care and empathy in order to provide patients with the best possible attention and comfort. We provide individualized therapy to all of our patients to ensure that their treatment plan is tailored to their specific problem. Each patient receives counseling services and is carefully guided through the whole treatment regimen. Harsha Hospitals' fertility hospital in Hyderabad is outfitted with cutting-edge laboratory and technological equipment, allowing it to provide worldwide grade treatments and reproductive care solutions. The facility provides both male and female medical interventions. Education may enhance the lives of women and their families. Harsha Hospital strives to provide comprehensive Gynae treatment under one roof. We are committed to creating an environment of great care, dignity, and respect for all patients while upholding the highest treatment standards. We are constantly committed to offering low-cost healthcare while upholding the greatest ethical standards at all levels. All of the primary reasons for infertility are discussed, including male factors, tubal factors, and endocrinological factors. It is vital that we communicate with our patients in a genuine, ethical, and practical manner. We understand that we may not be able to help every couple who comes to us. To know more about our IVF services contact us, or just click here for a quick appointment.

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Many people struggle with infertility, but not every individual finds the appropriate remedy. Both men and women can ...
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Kodamati Lavanya

Super hospital. My delivery done.. There excellent staff support..nurses and ayyas response very quick....Not at all commercial


Bhavya Kumari

Dr. Neetha treatment is excellent. Staff caring is also very good . She tried for normal delivery till the last moment and is not commercial. I recommend this hospital to others also


Hitesh choudhary

Satisfied by the hospital management, doctor treatment is very good she treated very well my husband and me are happy by the treatment given by Dr neetha mam,and nurse are taking care of me and my baby very well, thank you for every one

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