Twin Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Signs

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Signs

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Having a twin baby is one of the most exciting feelings of parenting. It is like having two awards after a single marathon. But handling twin pregnancy is not an easy thing. You have to find twin pregnancy symptoms with early stages of pregnancy and pay due care and attention to your babies. Do you feel like carrying two babies in you, or do you want to find how it feels when you have a twin baby? You can find the most common symptoms and early signs for twin pregnancy.

Signs of twin pregnancy

To find that you are carrying two babies in your early-stage you must know about the difference between single and twin pregnancy symptoms. Usually, you can feel more differences with a normal pregnancy when you have twins in your womb. You can easily predict them at the initial stage. Finding a twin pregnancy in the initial stage is very important because you have to follow special care from the initial stage. In case of any mistakes during early pregnancy, you may lose two souls in you. To pay keen attention to symptoms and signs of a twin pregnancy are listed below:

Elevated hCG levels: Usually, you will face the boost of your hCG levels at the early stage of pregnancy, even with your normal singleton baby. At the time of twin babies, your body will start secreting more human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This is one of the most assured early signs of twin pregnancy. So when you find an abnormal increase of hCG level immediately after pregnancy, you must consider that you are carrying two babies in you. 

Exaggerated pregnancy symptoms

When you are pregnant, you will have profound changes in your hormones. This results in various pregnancy symptoms like frequent pee, sweating, etc., with the case of a twin pregnancy woman, which leads to substantial hormonal change and more severe symptoms with morning sickness, crums, and even more. This is why doctors suggest twin mothers be even more careful during the early pregnancy prediction. You have to mote with the twin pregnancy symptoms week by week with more attention in case of any risk you must reach to the doctor immediately. You must remember that you have more risk than a normal singleton parenting mother. 

Severe morning sickness

Due to the elevation of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in your bloodstream during pregnancy, every mother will face morning sickness to a certain level. Whereas in case of multiple carrying or twin carry women will face severe signs of morning sickness like nausea, vomiting than a singleton pregnancy. This extreme version of morning sickness is treated as hyperemesis gravidarum. The case of hyperemesis gravidarum is the most common sign of twin pregnancy. You have to reach for a doctor consultant when you have more severe morning sickness during the early stage of pregnancy. 

Symptoms in your body

A bigger, earlier bump: This is not one reliable way to confirm that you have a chance of twin birth. But still, based on the reviews with almost every twin, parents concluded that a bigger bump at the early pregnancy stage is one of the notable symptoms of having twins. This results in more weight gain during your early pregnancy period. 

Appetite: This is one of the early signs of twin pregnancy. You might feel a normal appetite increase with twin pregnancy starting from day one. At an instant, you will feel carving at frequent intervals.

Distinct foetal movements: you can feel foetal movement at all parts of the stomach at a single time. This can denote that two children are playing in your womb.

Bottom line: 

A better fruit of parenting with twin pregnancy can be enjoyed with proper care at attention during the initial stage. Never ignore regular doctor check-ups to absorb the proper movement with pregnancy. 

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