About Us

Harsha Hospital is a hospital that understands and meets all the health needs of a woman and fosters the understanding of how advanced healthcare can improve the lives of women and their families.

  • We at Harsha Hospital aim to provide total Gyneac under one roof.
  • From adolescence to menopause with the most advanced technology at an affordable cost.
  • We remain focused on how to achieve maximum patient satisfaction and to become the first choice for every woman.
  • An institute par excellence, to be trusted by all patients and visitors.

Harsha Hospital has been established in March 2007 in Hyderabad. India. The Hospital is ideally located in Kukatpally, a well known thickly populated commercial cum residential suburb. Hospital adopts the unique concept of using state -of – art technology to provide Health care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We take great pride in the quality of our Maternity and want to make your visits a pleasant experience.

The woman is the center, the nucleus of the family around whom the whole family revolves. Her health is of extreme importance. We at Harsha Hospital, the best maternity hospital in Kukatpally recognizes the ideal of motherhood as the highest for a woman. It is after all - woman's highest calling.

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