This is a condition where cells similar to Endometrium(lining inside the uterus) are present in sites other than the uterus.

  • Women may present with chronic pelvic pain— Lower back and lower abdominal pain.
  • Painful periods—which becomes worst over time
  • Pain during intercourse and
  • Pain during passing urine.

About 1/3rd of women may present with infertility.

  • Genetic predisposition, runs in families.
  • Women who have not given birth, Women with early menarche & menopause are at higher risk.
  • Diagnosed by physical Examination and ultrasound pelvis. A vaginal ultrasound may be necessary.
  • At times—Ultrasound may not show any significant changes. In such cases, Diagnostic Laparoscopy is done if the pain is persistent.

Those presenting with infertility--) may have

  • Ovarian cysts-choclate cysts which have to be removed with Laparoscopy.
  • May have tubal adhesions-in such cases Diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy is done and
    adhesions released and tubal patency is checked.
  • In patients with minimal Endometriosis, IUI can be tried.
  • In patients with severe Endometriosis, IVF may be needed.
  • In women presenting with dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain--) Oral contraceptive pills and progestogen will help.
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