Knowing Your Child

Prenatal Diagnosis

Every Parent Desires A Healthy Child And Looks Forward For Receiving The Kind Of Support Harsha Hospital Actively Providesprenatal Diagnosis Employs A Variety Of Techniques To Determine The Health And Condition Of An Unborn Fetus. Prenatal Diagnosis Is Required To Gain Knowledge About The Fetus Without Which, There Could Be An Untoward Outcome For The Fetus, Mother Or Both. Congenital Anomalies Account For 20 To 25% Of Perinatal Deaths. Specifically, Prenatal Diagnosis Is Helpful For:

  • Managing The Remaining Weeks Of The Pregnancy

  • Determining The Outcome Of The Pregnancy

  • Planning For Possible Complications With The Birth Process

  • Planning For Problems That May Occur In The Newborn Infant

  • Deciding Whether To Continue The Pregnancy

  • Finding Conditions That May Affect Future Pregnancies

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