Pregnancy Wellness

Prenatal Diagnosis

Dedicated To Helping Mothers, Mothers-To-Be, And Families Through Conception, Pregnancy, Birth And Into Parenthood. Harsha Hospital Is Your One-Stop Center For All Your Birthing Preparation Needs And For New Moms And Dads. We Approach This Special Period In Your Life With Natural, Safe And Holistic Care.

Individual Wellness Coaching By Our Certified Coaches

Our Certified Health Coaches Will Meet With You And Assess Your Needs And Concerns To Assist You In Developing A Health Plan For You And Your Growing Baby. We Will Cover All The Aspects Of Overall Health: Your Lifestyle, Your Exercise Routine, Your Attitude, And Your Nutrition. Many Studies Prove That A Mother's Eating Habits Greatly Affect Her Baby's Growth And Development. Make An Appointment With Us Today To Give Your Baby The Best Head Start You Can.

General Diet Guidelines

Pregnant Women, As Well As Those Planning For Pregnancy, Should Follow A Healthy, Balanced Diet. This Can Be Achieved By Following The Usual Guidelines, Which Are Based Around The Five Main Food Groups:

  • Bread, Other Cereals And Potatoes. Foods In This Group Include Breakfast Cereals, Pasta And Rice. These Foods Should Make Up The Main Part Of The Diet. They Are Good Sources Of Carbohydrate, Protein And B Vitamins, Low In Fat And Filling. Whole-Grain Varieties Contain More Vitamins And Minerals And Breakfast Cereals That Contain Added Iron And Folic Acid Are A Good Choice During Pregnancy.

  • Meat, Fish And Alternatives. Alternatives Include Eggs, Nuts, Pulses (Such As Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas) And Textured Vegetable Protein. These Should Be Consumed In Moderate Amounts And Lower Fat Versions Selected Whenever Possible. They Are A Major Source Of Protein, Vitamins And Minerals. Atleast One Portion Of Oily Fish (E.G. Sardines Or Salmon) A Week Will Ensure An Adequate Supply Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

  • Milk And Dairy Foods. These Should Be Consumed In Moderate Amounts And Lower Fat Versions Are Preferable. These Foods Are Particularly High In Calcium And Good Sources Of Protein. Skimmed And Semi-Skimmed Milk Contain Just As Much Calcium And Protein As Whole Milk.

  • Foods Containing Fat And Sugar. These Foods Add Palat-Ability To The Diet But Should Be Eaten Infrequently.

General Symptoms During And After Pregnancy:

  • Lower Back Pain Caused By A Shift In The Mother's Centre Of Gravity As The Baby Grows

  • Neck Pain And Headaches Due To Changes In Posture

  • Tightness And Pain In The Hamstrings And Heel Cords Caused By A Flattening Of The Feet

  • Arm Pain Or Tingling Caused By Nerve Compression Associated With An Increased Chest Diameter

  • Bladder Leakage During Pregnancy And After Delivery Due To Strained Pelvic Muscles

  • Stretching Of The Abdominal Walls Leading To Back Pain And Difficult Delivery Due To Ineffective Abdominal Contractions

  • Women In Middle Age And Postmenopausal Need Regular Exercising To Prevent Their Muscles And Bones Becoming Weaker.

  • Many Women Experience Leaking Of Urine While Coughing Or Laughing. They Are Tought Pelvic Floor Or Kegel's Exercise To Improve Tone.

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