Family Planning

It is one of the great public health achievements of the 20th century. Every woman has the right to plan her family and has to be given appropriate options. More number of pregnancies may cause derangement of mothers health which may Impact the bringing up of children psychologically.
Family planning & Birth spacing contributes to the improved health of Infants, children, and families

We assist individuals in determining the number of children and the spacing of their children. We educate, counsel, and provide medical care to couples or to be mothers. We provide a range of temporary family planning methods and also permanent methods like Laparoscopic sterilization for women and Vasectomy for men.

Temporary methods include:-

  • IUD
  • Harmonal pils and injection
  • Barrier methods like condoms
  • Emergency contraception

The cost of these methods is very less and has minimal side effects.
An appropriate method has to be chosen according to the condition of women.

Permanent methods:-

Tubectomy:- Laparoscopic tubal Ligation is preferred due to very less failure rates Mini Laparotomy and tubal Ligation can be done in the period after delivery(Postpartum Period). it is a daycare procedure. The patient can be discharged on the same day.
She can resume her routine work within 1 wk. with precautions like avoiding heavy weight lifting.
Vasectomy:- Is a simple and safer procedure compared to tubectomy. No stitches are required in no-scalpel vasectomy & post-operative recovery in quicker.
- Reversal is easier in vasectomy than tubectomy.
- Males have to motivate themselves to undergo this procedure to reduce surgical complications for women.

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