Why choose Harsha Hospitals for pregnancy care?

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for not only the mother but also for the family. It is also a time when it is imperative to consult the right doctor for your pregnancy care. You can choose from among the best of the best at Harsha Hospitals for your pregnancy care. Harsha Hospitals specializes in the treatment of women’s health conditions, especially pregnancy care.

The pregnancy care you will get at Harsha Hospitals is not only state-of-the-art, but also very caring and compassionate. We offer family-centred pregnancy care. Our nurses and doctors will ensure that you are well taken care of during this sensitive time. And if, god forbid, there could be complications with your pregnancy, Harsha Hospitals is adept at dealing with that too!

Every parent wants a healthy child and at Harsha Hospitals we provide prenatal diagnosis and also employ a variety of techniques to determine the health and conditions of the unborn foetus. This is helpful in:

  • Managing the remaining weeks of the pregnancy
  • Determining the outcome of the pregnancy
  • Planning for possible complications with the birth process
  • Planning for problems that may occur in the newborn infant
  • Deciding whether to continue the pregnancy
  • Finding conditions that may affect future pregnancies

At Harsha Hospitals, we also provide natural, safe, and holistic care for both mother and baby as part of our pregnancy wellness care. We carry out a detailed prenatal diagnosis to ensure that both mother and baby continue to remain healthy. We also provide individual wellness coaching by our certified coaches.

Our wellness coaches will meet with you and your family to not only assess your needs and concerns, but also to assist you to develop a health plan for you and your growing baby. We will cover all areas of overall health. These include your lifestyle, your exercise routine, your nutrition, and your attitude. Your baby’s health is extremely affected by what the mother eats during pregnancy. At Harsha Hospitals, we chalk out a nutrition plan that is tailor-made just for you.

We also recommend that the mother eat different foods from the varied food groups, such as:

  • Bread, Cereal, and Potatoes: These foods should make up the main part of the diet. They are good sources of carbohydrates, protein, and B vitamins. They are also low in fat and filling. Whole grain varieties contain more vitamins and minerals. Also, breakfast cereals with added iron and folic acid are a good option during pregnancy.
  • Meat, Fish, and Alternatives: Alternatives include eggs, nuts, pulses, and textured vegetable protein. The low-fat versions of these should be consumed in moderate amounts. These food types are a major source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. One portion of oily fish, such as salmon or sardines, will provide the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Milk and Dairy Foods: These foods should be consumed in lower amounts and their fat-free versions are preferable. These foods are high in calcium and are also good sources of protein. Skim and semi-skimmed milk contain just as much calcium as whole milk.
  • Foods containing Fats and Sugar: These make food more palatable, but should be consumed infrequently.

Not only will Harsha Hospitals chart out a detailed diet plan for each expectant mother, they are also adept at treating the common symptoms of pregnancy. Some of them are:

  • Lower back pain due to a shift in the mother’s centre of gravity as the baby grows
  • Neck pain and headaches due to a change in posture
  • Tightness and pain in the hamstrings caused by a flattening of the feet
  • Arm pain or tingling caused by nerve compression due to an increased chest diameter
  • Bladder leakage due to strained pelvic muscles
  • Stretching of the abdominal walls leading to back pain
  • Weak muscles and bones in older women

At Harsha Hospitals, we encourage you to have as normal a delivery as possible. We take care of you and your baby right through pregnancy to ensure that you can have a normal delivery as nature intended. Women who choose Harsha Hospitals for their pregnancy care and their delivery, are supported to give birth naturally in a calm, comfortable environment, assisted by caring and skilled midwives. However, if surgery is needed to terminate a complicated pregnancy, our doctors are skilled in that as well.
So, if you are pregnant, do consult with our expert gynaecologists and obstetricians at Harsha Hospitals and rest easy knowing that you and your baby are in the best hands. After all, it is important that you relish and enjoy this special time in your life as well as deliver a healthy, thriving baby!

For more information about pregnancy care and other women’s issues consult Harsha Hospitals at +91 7799565793 or at info@harshahospitals.co.in or go to our website Harsha Hospitals Hyderabad for more information.

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