Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments for every woman and not an easy thing to maintain as the whole time period of 9 months from starting till the end of delivery and later is totally involved with mood swings, irritability, back pain, stress, muscle pain and many more… When it comes to the delivery period, all women wish to go with normal delivery. Normal Delivery is a natural and physiological process that every woman is capable of performing and nature has been perfecting it for millions of years, except in certain medical conditions. If you are a mom to be, and wishing for normal delivery then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will learn about a few pregnancy exercises for  easy labor and normal delivery.Let’s start

  1. Walking

The simplest and riskless form of exercise is walking. If you are a mom-to-be, then it is highly recommended to practice walking. According to the studies, it is recommended that walking during pregnancy will help you be in shape, boosts your pelvic muscles, makes you ready for easy labor and also helps in reducing many other complications during the delivery time.


Walking during pregnancy at least for 30 min for 4 days a week is advisable. If you are not familiar with walking just start with 10 mins and eventually increase the time limit. Practice your walking, depending on your fitness level and always remember that you should not push yourself to walk for long, if your body is not supporting.


We all know that walking has many benefits for many chronic conditions like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, blood pressure and even it can reduce stress levels. Other than these it also has benefits for pregnant women as well.


Let’s dig into the benefits.


  • Helps your muscles become stronger and more effective.
  • Reduces back ache and strengthens your spinal column muscles, allowing you to handle your growing tummy with comfort.
  • Enhances your mood.
  • Walking can accelerate digestion and make stools easier to pass.
  • Helps in reducing the risk of developing gestational diabetes and premature delivery.
  • Helps the sleep quality.


  1. Kegel Exercises


Kegel exercises or perineal exercises are also known as pelvic stretches. Childbirth can potentially harm pelvic muscles, leading to typical pelvic floor problems, as it places a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, mainly because of the increased weight of the pregnant belly, changes in body alignment and posture, and all the stretching and compacting that occurs in a female's pelvic and abdominal areas when carrying a baby.


Benefits of Kegel Exercises or Pelvic Stretches

  • Practicing kegel exercises can help increase the strength of the pelvic muscles
  • Increased urine control
  • Assist pelvic muscles in regaining their health
  • Reduces the risk of fecal incontinence
  • Faster labor


  1. Prenatal yoga


Prenatal yoga is nothing but yoga especially for pregnant women, which mainly focuses on breathing exercise for normal delivery and simple stretches that benefits both the mother and the child. We all know that yoga is loaded with benefits helping to manage any health condition.

Yoga is designed to promote emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. And whereas, Prenatal yoga aims to help you prepare for childbirth by relaxing the body and concentrating on safe techniques and postures at all stages of pregnancy.


Prenatal yoga is a low-impact workout that really can help you enhance your mood and build your strength .Practicing prenatal yoga for at least 30 mins every day is advisable, although it would be best if you seek a doctor before practicing prenatal yoga.


Below are a few more benefits of practicing prenatal yoga

  • Helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety
  • Enhances the blood flow
  • Improves your labor experience
  • Helps build the strength and flexibility
  • Helps reduce the lower back pain
  • Improves sleep


  1. Downward Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana


Downward Facing Dog Pose is one of the most common and the safest yoga poses. Practicing this pose even during pregnancy is safe and has a lot of benefits. Many of us would be thinking that practicing Downward Dog Pose is risky. But in fact, there was a study conducted in 2015  and published in Journal Obstetrics & Gynecology concluded that practicing Downward Facing Dog during pregnancy had no harmful impacts on mom or baby.


Let’s see what benefits Downward Facing Dog Pose has…

  • Strengthens the muscles and engages the core
  • Helps in strengthening the bones in order to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Enhances the blood flow and helps in increasing your energy levels
  • Helps relieve back pain
  • Helps in increasing the oxygen flow to different parts of the body


  1. Lean Forward - Uttanasana


The forward-leaning inversion is a crucial practice to enhance pregnant therapy. It makes room for the baby in the lower uterus. Practicing Forward Leaning Pose at least once a day for 30 seconds will aid with muscle strengthening and getting your baby in the ideal position during birth.


Benefits of Forward Leaning

  • Helps relieve the back pain, hip pain and neck pain
  • Improves fetal position
  • Increases balance in pelvis
  • Helps your muscles become stronger and more effective.
  • Increases flexibility


  1. Pelvic tilts or Angry cats posture - Marjariasana


Pelvic tilts also known as Angry Cats Posture is another safe pose to practice during pregnancy. This stance, like Forward Leaning Pose, is beneficial to your baby's position during birth. Practicing this position for at least 10 seconds every day provides you with all of the advantages from the beginning of your pregnancy until delivery and is also beneficial in the postnatal period.


Here are a few benefits of practicing pelvic tilts


  • Helps get relief from back pain
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Relieves the pelvis tension
  • Enhances the spinal mobility
  • Assist with optimal fetal position


Every mom-to-be has a wish of normal delivery, but what do you do? Is it possible for every pregnant lady? Yes, normal delivery is possible for every pregnant woman if you take care of your health.  Practice the right exercises and have a healthy diet during pregnancy to ensure natural childbirth or Normal delivery.


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